How It Works

Are you a reader who wants to take your book club to the next level by hosting an author at your next meeting? Are you an author who wants to connect with avid readers? Invitd is your answer.

For Readers

We made Invitd to help you connect with your favourite authors, plus discover new ones! Join Invitd today to take your book club to the next level by inviting the author to be part of the experience.

Make an Invitd Account

Click here to sign up for Invitd. Fill out a short reader profile (you can update this at any time by visiting My Account!) to create your account and be able to access all that Invitd has to offer.

Explore Our Authors

Visit the Author Library to search for your favourite author or find a new favourite to invite to your book club. Search by category (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, etc.), author name, or book title to discover all authors on the Invitd platform. Visit an author's page to learn more about them, their books, and their availability to meet with your book club!

Book a Meeting

Once you've found an author that you'd like to invite to your book club, book a meeting! Click on the author's profile (via the Author Library) and view their calendar. Select a date & time that works for you both. In the next step, you'll need to confirm your name, email, and tell the author a bit about your book club. Your invite will be sent off to the author for confirmation. Once approved, you'll receive an email from Invitd asking you to submit a virtual meeting link (Zoom, Google, etc.) for the author and your book club.

*Note: You must be signed in to book a meeting.

Prepare For & Host Your Book Club Meeting

Now that you've Invitd an author to your book club meeting, it's time to prepare! Make sure that everyone who is attending the meeting has the link and correct date and time. Put together the questions you'd like to ask the author in advance so that you make the most of your time together. Visit our Resources For You page for more tips on how to host a great book club meeting, suggested author questions, where to purchase your copy of the author's book, and more!

What's Next?

Congratulations on hosting your first book club using Invitd services! You can book another meeting with an author at any time. Check back regularly as new authors are joining every single day!

For Authors

We made Invitd to help readers connect with their favourite authors, and for authors to connect with their most beloved readers, plus reach new ones! Join Invitd today to connect with fans of your book(s), and help to elevate the book club experience with what you uniquely have to offer.

Make an Invitd Account and Build Your Author Profile

Click here to sign up for Invitd. Once you have signed up, visit My Account to build your Author Profile. Enter your bio, upload a profile picture, and more. You can adjust this information at any time! Next, click the Books tab to add your books. You can add up to five titles at a time. Next, add any public events you'd like to share with the readers who come across your Invitd profile.
*Note: Your profile won't appear in the Author Library until it has been approved by the Invitd Team.

Manage Your Availability

On My Account, you can manage your booking availability for book clubs using Invitd under "Bookings". Set the days of the week, times, and duration you would like to mark yourself available for. Click "Enable Bookings" and save your availability. Setting your availability does not lock you into anything—you'll need to confirm any booking requests as they are made. You can adjust your availability or turn it off on your My Account page at any time.

Accept & Manage Bookings

When a book club decides to invite you to their meeting, you will receive an email from Invitd with the subject line "New Invitd Booking". The email will include the date, time, and some details from the book club. From here, you'll need to click Approve Booking or Reject Booking, depending on your availability. If you need to reject, you'll be able to provide reasoning and suggest another time. If anything changes after you have approved a booking, you can manage your bookings on your My Account page.
*Note: Make sure that emails from don't end up in your junk folder!

Get Ready to Meet the Book Club!

Within 24 hours after approving the booking, you should receive a link from the book club to login to their meeting with on the specified time and date. Make sure to mark the correct time and date in your calendar along with the link. Book club members are encouraged to come prepared with questions. Remember that you are the special guest and are offering them a unique experience!

What's Next?

Thank you for signing up for Invitd and elevating the virtual book club experience! Be sure to keep your availability up-to-date and stay tuned to your email as new readers are joining Invitd every day. Want to explore Invitd as a reader? Sign up for a reader account now to take advantage of all Invitd has to offer readers and their book clubs.

Take your book club to the next level by inviting an author to attend your next meeting today!

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