Charlene Carr

You know those books that are full of characters who enrage and delight you; Imperfect people in circumstances that could hit any one of us.

Characters who don't always make the best choices, but who struggle and fight and come out on the other side stronger, braver, ready to live a life of their own making.

The books that you finish and still wonder about, because there were no fairy-tale endings, just a closing of that chapter in the character’s life, with a lesson learned or a hurt resolved. Yet beyond the pages you know there’s so much more. Books that feel like they become a part of you.

Those are the books I love, those are the books I set out to write, and those are the books I'd love to visit your book club to talk about!

My upcoming novel, HOLD MY GIRL, a novel about two women navigating the horror following an IVF egg switch, is set to release in early 2023 from HarperCollins Canada and Welbeck Publishing (UK) and has been optioned for TV by Blink49 Studios in partnership with Groundswell Productions.

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